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Celiac Education

These comprehensive educational resources are a product of GAI’s partnership with the Celiac Disease Program at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C.

Cupcake liners filled with gluten-free flours, in front of blue background

Gluten-Free Flour Guide

There are dozens of gluten-free flours and grains that can be blended together to create tasty baked goods. Download the PDF for information about the most popular products and some tips for using them in your every day cooking.

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Gluten Free Grocery Game

Test out your knowledge in this mock grocery shopping game for the gluten-intolerant and related allergies!

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Expert Talks: Celiac

Medical professionals and experts in the field share their insights on the science, diagnosis, management, and treatment of celiac disease and managing a gluten-free lifestyle.

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The Gluten-Free Guide Podcast features a monthly hot topic in celiac disease, including interviews with experts, nutritional discussions, and updates on news stories in the gluten-free community.

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Example of Gluten-Free Diet App

Gluten-Free Diet App

This interactive, on-the-go tool provides a cohesive set of high-quality educational materials to patients and families living with celiac disease or a gluten-related condition.

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Definition of celiac disease in a book with wheat on the page

Peer-Reviewed Publication

Psychological Needs and Services in a Pediatric Multidisciplinary Celiac Disease Clinic discussed a study, funded by GAI, that analyzed the psychological needs in children with celiac disease and examined the feasibility of psychological consultation in a multidisciplinary clinic.

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Cooking & Nutrition Videos

Series of engaging videos with step-by-step recipes and best practices for living gluten-free.

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Managing Celiac Disease in Learning Environments

Children’s National Hospital and the Celiac Disease Foundation have teamed up to produce a comprehensive guide for schools, parents, and caregivers.

These recommendations help learning environments understand the needs of children with celiac disease, build an inclusive and safe learning environment, and plan appropriately for gluten exposures.

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Gluten-Free Education Day 2020

Watch the sessions recorded during this year’s virtual education day!

Take a look inside a lab that tests food for gluten contamination, learn about the latest drug developments and future treatments, become an advocate celiac disease, and go inside the operating room to see what happens during an endoscopy.

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