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Microbe Illustration, part of the Microbiome


What Is the Microbiome and Why Study It?

Margaux Thieme-Burdette May 2, 2019

Bacteria and other microbes throughout our bodies create a diverse ecosystem that is an essential part of human healt…

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Hand pain with Rheumatoid Arthritis

New Research:

Unexpected Discovery in RA May Lead to New Treatment

Margaux Thieme-Burdette May 5, 2019

In the search for answers on what causes RA inflammation, researchers deleted a particular gene, revealing a surprisi…

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Mother with her baby

Autoimmune Stories:

Chronic Illness, Pregnancy, Motherhood, and Healing

Beth Chen May 1, 2019

After developing an illness on a cruise, Beth Chen’s health was never truly the same. Find out how Beth dealt w…

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