Autoimmune Stories

While the most recent statistics tell us that autoimmune disease affects at least 14.7 to 23.5 million Americans, research indicates that the numbers have been growing steadily for years. The unifying link between these 80-100 diseases and counting, is the immune system’s inability to differentiate between self and non-self, resulting in systemic or organ-specific attacks.

No one case of autoimmunity is alike, as symptoms overlap and vary widely even within a particular disease, such as celiac, lupus, or ulcerative colitis. On top of this, there are many individuals with autoimmune-like symptoms who are unable to secure a diagnosis.


People may feel unseen and unheard both in their social lives and in the medical world. It is our hope for these stories to cushion the loneliness often felt by people with autoimmune disease, and to give caregivers and loved ones valuable insight into what they may be going through. Let your story be heard!

Zoe’s Story: Embracing Your New Normal

Zoe’s journey with ulcerative colitis unveils a struggle between health and illness. Ignoring symptoms and seeking help, she faced flares and academic hurdles. Self-empowerment came through research and a meaningful internship. Zoe’s story emphasizes the importance of understanding and advocating for one’s health amid the complexities of autoimmune conditions.

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Holly’s Story: Courage Doesn’t Always Roar

Holly’s Guillain-Barré Syndrome symptoms quickly progressed within 72 hours, leaving her paralyzed from the neck down and requiring a ventilator for breathing. She began to slowly recover with the inspiration of getting home to her newborn daughter. Years later, she is now able to share her story…

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