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This curated list of podcasts covers a wide array of subjects, such as nutrition, finding community, mind-body medicine, rare diseases, and managing life with a chronic illness.

Autoimmune Adventures – info, tools, and community support

Autoimmune Wellness inspiring and practical conversations about nutrition, lifestyle, and using the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP)

The Doctor’s Farmacy – expert interviews on health, wellness, food, and policy

Gluten-Free Guide Podcast – info from medical and nutrition experts about living with celiac disease

Love and Heal Podcast – explorations of mind-body medicine and compassionate healing

NORDpod – the voice of rare disease from the National Organization for Rare Disorders

Pheonix Helix: Autoimmune Healthpersonal stories and expert interviews with a focus on nutrition and functional medicine

Uninvisible Pod – interviews with patients and experts in various healing modalities

The Whole View – insightful, science-driven answers to real life questions about health and nutrition



Global Autoimmune Institute Mini LogoThe views and opinions expressed in the listed podcasts are those of the authors. GAI does not endorse the contents of the above podcasts; they are simply a sample of the resources available on managing life with autoimmune disease and other chronic illnesses.

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