Find Hope in Your Health Journey

Find Hope in Your
Health Journey

Whether you have a diagnosis or are still seeking answers about unexplained symptoms, dealing with chronic health issues can be an enormous challenge. It is hard to know where to start, or where to go when you feel stuck.

The Autoimmune & Chronic Illness Toolkit is here to help! This guide includes journal templates, resource lists, guidance for doctor appointments, tips on communication, and many more tools to support and empower you throughout your experience.


Explore Healthcare Options

Finding the right doctor can be a process! Check out the various kinds of care available, prepare yourself for appointments, and learn how to practice self-advocacy.

Discover Autoimmune Myths

Learn about the roles of stress, treatments, cures, and genetics in autoimmune disease.

Connect with the Community

There are many avenues of support - from social media accounts to in-person and online groups to mental health practitioners. Find experts and friends who understand what it's like to live with chronic illness.

Track Your Health

We created journal and medication tracking templates to keep tabs on your symptoms and flare-ups. You may notice patterns that can help you and your doctor in the diagnosis or treatment process.

Get Practical Communication Tips

Check out example scenarios and language to use in challenging situations with family, friends, and doctor relationships.

Understand the Diagnostic Process

Prime yourself with an overview of commonly ordered tests and how practitioners diagnose autoimmune disease.

Know You're Not Alone

Read and listen to powerful stories, memoirs, and podcasts from the many people who live with chronic illness and autoimmune disease.

Get the Guide

Get the Guide