Autoimmune Aware Chronic Illness Support

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Autoimmune Aware is a dynamic support group initiative focused on creating an inclusive space for the autoimmune disease and chronic illness community to thrive, with gatherings to share, learn, and connect.

Our pilot program is starting in San Diego, California, with the goal of inspiring others to build their own local groups all over the nation and worldwide.

Monthly meetings will touch upon all aspects of life with chronic illness – symptom management, diagnosis, stress, social life and relationships, physical movement, nutrition – and will include:

  • guest speaker or group discussion topic
  • healthy bites
  • time for connecting with others

There will also be casual, social outings on weekends! Farmer’s markets, picnics, walks – anything that would be fun to do together as a group. It’s equally important to explore who we are outside the realm of health, since our lives can easily become consumed by it.

Our aim is to help each other live well and feel heard, while not letting disease define us. We encourage members to come as they are, with an open mind and the willingness to nurture a positive atmosphere.

This group is community-focused, sprouting from the belief that when we co-create, we thrive. Members are welcome to give suggestions and take leadership roles if desired. This kind of engagement helps tailor the group to the needs of each unique community.

Visit the Autoimmune Aware San Diego Facebook page for information on local meetings.


Event banner for virtual zoom meeting

May Meeting

Saturday May 9, 2020
10:00 AM – 11:30 AM


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