Expert Talks: Celiac

Virtual Gluten-Free Education Day 2020

Medical professionals, scientists, and other experts in celiac disease spoke about gluten contamination, endoscopies, advocacy, and more during a fun, knowledge-packed program. Check out the recorded talks below from the 2020 virtual Gluten-Free Education Day, brought to you by GAI and the Celiac Program at Children’s National Hospital.

Contaminate This! Inside a Lab that Tests for Gluten Contamination

Creating a Cure for Celiac Disease

Advocating on Capitol Hill and In Your Child’s School

Inside Our Guts! A Look Inside the Small Intestine and Q&A with Your Favorite Docs!

Gluten-Free Education Day 2019

Lectures on the science, diagnosis, management, and treatment of celiac disease. This series of experts shared their insights with us at the 2019 Gluten-Free Education Day run by GAI and the Celiac Disease Program at CNH.


Woman at podium with laptop, talking

Celiac Disease and the Gut Microbiome

Nov 2019 23:53

Aline Charabaty, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Clinical Director of Gastroenterology at Sibley Memorial Hospital explains what the microbiome is and how celiac disease is related. She presents some research about celiac and probiotics, and ends with suggestions for how to keep a healthy microbiome.

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Woman at podium with laptop, talking

Living With Celiac Disease

Nov 2019 28:34

Ritu Verma, M.B.Ch.B., Medical Director at the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center presents a general overview of life with celiac disease and how to navigate it. She covers topics such as genes, risk factors, associated conditions, family screening and doctors’ visits. She finishes her presentation with an overview of the realities of living with celiac disease, but reassures that there is a positive outlook for people with celiac disease.

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The Right to Live in the World

Nov 2019 24:04

Mary Vargas, founding partner of the law firm Stein & Vargas LLP presents an overview of celiac disease and its coverage under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). She defines what a disability means and what discrimination looks like, concluding with some remarks about the positive future of celiac disease in the disability world.

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Risk of Gluten Cross-Contact in Shared Kitchens and School Environments

Nov 2019 25:42

Vanessa Weisbrod, Executive Director of the Celiac Disease Program at Children’s National Hospital presents groundbreaking data on the risk of gluten cross contact in shared kitchens and school environments. The presentation goes through two studies conducted by the Celiac Disease Program and discusses how to use the information in everyday gluten-free life.

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Gluten-Free Education Day 2017

Lectures on the science, diagnosis, management, and treatment of celiac disease. This series of experts shared their insights with us at the 2017 Gluten-Free Education Day run by GAI and the Celiac Disease Program at CNH.


Dr. Ivor Hill Nationwide Children’s Hospital ​Celiac Disease Center

Celiac Disease: The Quintessential Autoimmune Disorder!

Jun 2017 17:59

Celiac disease is a genetic autoimmune condition that is linked to several other autoimmune diseases. Renowned expert Dr. Ivor Hill at Nationwide Children’s Hospital ​Celiac Disease Center breaks down the science of celiac disease and explains how and why it is common for patients with celiac disease to develop other conditions.

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Dr. Edwin Liu Colorado Children’s Hospital Celiac Disease Center

Celiac Disease - Is it Time for Mass Screening? ​

Jun 2017 16:11

Should everyone in the United States be screened for celiac disease? Current research by Dr. Edwin Liu and his team at the Celiac Disease Center at Colorado Children’s Hospital is trying to answer this difficult question. Dr. Liu breaks down the research and offers insight into the future potential for screening children, relatives and the masses for celiac disease.

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Dr. Jocelyn Silvester ​Celiac Disease Research Program, Harvard Medical School, Boston Children’s Hospital

New and Emerging Therapies for Gluten-Related Conditions

Jun 2017 19:36

​If there was a magical pill to allow people with celiac disease to eat gluten, would you take it? To help families better understand current drug therapies under development for celiac disease, Dr. Jocelyn Silvester with the Celiac Disease Research Program at Harvard Medical School & Boston Children’s Hospital breaks down the research and explains how the therapies would work and the timeframe for release on the market. Dr. Silvester also touches on research to develop tools to better measure adherence to the gluten-free diet.

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Dr. Benny Kerzner Celiac Disease Program ​Children’s National Health System

Management of Celiac Disease - Is Your Doctor Doing Things Right?

Jun 2017 24:43

In Fall 2016, a team of experts published best practices for the management of pediatric celiac disease in the journal Pediatrics. The paper explored key areas of how to manage patients including: nutrition, bone health, endocrinology, nephrology and follow-up testing. In this presentation, Dr. Benny Kerzner with the Celiac Disease Program at Children’s National Hospital discusses the various recommendations to help families ensure they receive the best care.

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Stanford Health Day at the Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expo 2017

Presented by Stanford Health Care and Stanford Children’s Health in partnership with the Celiac Community Foundation of Northern California.


Women at podium with microphone

Demystifying Celiac Disease – From Symptoms to Diagnosis

Oct 2017 58:33

Overall classic celiac “diagnosis and treatment,” presented by the directors of the Stanford Celiac Disease Program, Drs. Khavari & Fernandez-Becker. The presentation includes discussion specific to celiac vs. non-celiac gluten sensitivity, non-celiac wheat sensitivity and FODMAPs, highlighting services available within the Stanford Celiac Disease Program.

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Gluten-Related Disorders: Follow-Up Treatment & Future Therapies

Oct 2017 1:04:23

After a diagnosis of celiac disease or gluten sensitivity – what’s next? Dr. Peter H.R. Green discusses clinical management of gluten-related disorders (celiac and non-celiac gluten or wheat sensitivity), including follow-up visits, vaccinations, and poorly responsive and refractory celiac disease. He also reviews the exciting array of non-dietary therapies that are under development.

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Women in discussion panel seated at table

Debunking the Myths Around Celiac Disease and Food Allergies

Oct 2017 1:00:00

This expert Stanford panel discusses gluten-related disorders (celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, non-celiac wheat sensitivity, low FODMAPS), allergy and immunology responses in both pediatric and adults patients, with audience Q&A.

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Food Allergy Facts – What Helps to Improve or Worsen Your Food Allergy Symptoms

Oct 2017 26:54

A focused discussion around nut and overall food allergies (including gluten), with interesting facts around the science of immunology. Presented by Stanford’s Dr. Tina Sindher.

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