Antibody Responses in Pfizer-Vaccinated Immunocompromised Patients

Researchers in Israel conducted a prospective cohort study analyzing antibody responses in immunocompromised patients after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. This cohort of patients was not included in original COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials, but they may benefit most from vaccination as they experience higher mortality rates from COVID-19 compared to immunocompetent persons.

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UK Data on Vaccine Efficacy against the Omicron Variant

A UK Health Security Agency technical briefing has reported that the new Omicron variant is able to evade antibodies from both vaccination and previous infection. Vaccine effectiveness was reportedly lower for Omicron than the Delta variant, with evidence of waning protection against symptomatic disease by 10 weeks after a booster dose.

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Two COVID-19 Antiviral Pills Granted EUA

This week, the FDA granted EUA for two COVID-19 oral antiviral pills, which will be added as a second treatment protocol for COVID-19. Up until now, monoclonal antibodies have been the only authorized treatment for patients with COVID-19.

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