Yale to Begin Study on COVID Long-Haulers

May 6, 2021

Yale Medicine is launching a collaborative study on Covid long-haulers and the Covid vaccine

Yale will be recruiting participants with long-term symptoms following a COVID-19 infection, who have not been vaccinated yet. Blood and saliva samples will be collected prior to and post-vaccination to compare and correlate immune responses in long-haulers and symptom changes (if any). Participants will evaluate any changes to their post-Covid conditions after being vaccinated. Researchers will also study the mechanisms behind how the vaccine resolves post-Covid conditions – whether the vaccine is stopping a harmful immune response, resetting the immune system, or is fighting against the residual virus.

Reportedly, 30-40% of long haulers who receive the vaccine experience improvement of symptoms like brain fog, gastrointestinal issues, and shortness of breath. Autoimmune reactions are one possible reason why COVID-19 patients continue to experience symptoms 4+ weeks after infection, and those with compromised immune systems are thought to be more likely to experience long Covid.