Autoimmune Diseases

Caring for Autoimmunity & Long COVID with a Personalized Approach

The company Mymee recently published a study on their personalized digital care program for patients living with autoimmune diseases as well as long Covid. Researchers found that over 85% of patients with moderate to severe symptoms saw improvements with their anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain interference, sleep disturbance, and pain intensity while increasing cognitive and physical function.

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COVID-19 Does Not Increase Risk of Celiac Disease

Researchers in Sweden used 1.4 million health records to examine the rate of new Celiac disease diagnoses in those who had experienced a COVID-19 infection versus those who had not. Findings suggested that respiratory diseases do not increase the risk of developing Celiac disease the way gastrointestinal infections do.

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Autoantibodies & Long Covid

Researchers have identified several biomarkers correlating with long Covid symptoms, further suggesting an autoimmune process activating one year post-Covid infection.

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