Autoimmune Diseases

Data from 1,500 Rheumatic Disease Patients Shows Vaccine is Well Tolerated

Data recently sourced from the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) shows that the COVID-19 vaccine is well tolerated amongst patients with rheumatic disease. The registry was launched February 5, 2021, and includes reports from 28 countries across Europe. 1,519 patients were reported to the registry as of April 27, with close to two-thirds being from women. To learn why women experience side-effects from vaccines more often than men, check out our article. 

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COVID Infection May Lead to Influx of Autoantibody Production

Yesterday, The University of Birmingham published the results of a study investigating the autoimmune response of COVID-19 patients. More specifically, researchers explored the type and frequency of autoantibody production in both short and long-term symptoms. Autoantibodies – antibodies produced by the immune system that can cause autoimmune disease by targeting one or more of the body’s own proteins – have recently been of particular interest to researchers looking into COVID-19. To learn more about autoantibodies in the development of autoimmune diseases, check out our article. 

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Immunocompromised Patients Exhibit Low Antibody Response Even After 2 Doses of mRNA Vaccine

This past March, results of a study monitoring the immune response to the COVID-19 vaccine in solid organ transplant patients indicated that antibodies were detected in only 17% of patients after the first dose of an mRNA vaccine. Since then, data from the same study has been published on the antibody response to the second dose of an mRNA vaccine in immunocompromised persons. Among 658 participants who received two doses of an mRNA vaccine, 15% had measurable antibody response after dose 1 and dose 2. Among 473 participants on antimetabolites, 8% exhibited an antibody response after dose 1 and dose 2. 

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