Graves’ Disease

Graves' Disease (GD) occurs when specific antibodies mistakenly bind to thyroid cells, overriding the normal regulation of the thyroid, causing the thyroid to produce and release excessive thyroid hormones (hyperthyroidism).

The Connection Between COVID-19 and Thyroid Disease

An informative article written by Dr. Jessica Nelson explores the potential relationship between COVID-19 and autoimmune thyroid diseases, such as Graves’ disease and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, as well as the emerging connection between COVID-19 and Type 1 diabetes.

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A COVID-19 Infection Can Trigger Graves’ disease

A new case study highlights an 81-year-old male who developed Graves’ disease and thyroid storm one week after a COVID-19 diagnosis. This case adds to the somewhat limited reports linking COVID-19 to new-onset Graves’ disease, emphasizing the need for recognizing and promptly treating autoimmune effects post-COVID-19 infection to prevent severe complications.

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Graves’ Disease & COVID-19 Vaccination

A study from the University of Washington Seattle studied the incidence of Graves’ disease before and after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, determining no significant difference. Researchers also looked at levels of thyroid antibodies in the blood of patients with Graves’ hyperthyroidism before and after vaccination and found no significant difference.

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How COVID-19 Triggers an Autoimmune Reaction

Researchers have hypothesized how a Covid-19 infection may trigger the development of autoimmune diseases through three different mechanisms, which may intersect at different points of the inflammatory process. Various autoimmune diseases include rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, as well as Hashimoto’s and Graves disease.

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