FDA Authorizes Pfizer and Moderna Boosters for 18+

November 19, 2021

This morning, the FDA expanded eligibility around booster shots of both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for adults 18+, six months after their primary series. Those who have received a Johnson & Johnson vaccine for their primary series can receive a Pfizer or Moderna booster dose two months after their single dose primary series. The booster shot will be a single dose.

A main reason for expanding eligibility will “help to eliminate confusion about who may receive a booster dose and to ensure booster doses are available to all who may need one.” Recommendations on third doses versus booster doses for those who are immunocompromised may differ on a case-by-case basis.

The ACIP, the advisory panel to the CDC, will be meeting later today from 12-3pm EST to discuss clinical recommendations on the FDA’s amendment. The CDC must approve the decision before booster doses can be administered in accordance with federal authorization. The ACIP meeting is open to the public, and available to watch here.