FDA Updates Recommendation Around AstraZeneca’s Evusheld

The FDA has revised its emergency use authorization for AstraZeneca’s Evusheld, a monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID-19. Due to emerging data, it has been observed that the original 150mg dose of each monoclonal antibody may be less likely to prevent infection than originally indicated. Thus, the FDA has authorized a double dose of each antibody for immunocompromised patients.

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Antibody Levels in Immunocompromised Patients after Second Dose of mRNA Vaccine

Researchers at Johns Hopkins tested antibody levels in patients at 1, 3, and 6 months after the second dose of an mRNA vaccine. Overall, 96% of patients had positive antibody titers 6 months after the second dose of an mRNA vaccine. Antibody responses decreased from 1 to 6 months, but remained above the threshold for “predicted neutralizing capacity” in the majority of patients.

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Autoantibody Responses in Males versus Females Following COVID-19 Infection

Researchers at Cedars-Sinai recruited 177 healthcare workers with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection to study autoantibody levels depending on the severity of COVID-19 between males and females. 65% of the patients included in the study were female; 35% were male. Autoantibody reactivity was compared to a cohort of SLE patients, as well as 91 antigens which span typical autoimmune diseases.

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