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The podcast is a monthly audio series hosted by the Celiac Program at Children’s National Hospital, in partnership with GAI. Each episode has a featured hot topic in celiac disease including an interview with an expert, a nutritional discussion, and an update on news stories relating to the gluten-free community.

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  • Kids Ask the Toughest QuestionsKids Ask the Toughest Questions
    Parents are really good at asking doctors questions about their kid's health, but do we always let our kids speak up and ask what's on their mind? Today we  are letting them do just that! We have a very special episode that features some of our loyal podcast listeners…all adorable kids… Read more »
  • POTS and Celiac Disease. What's the Link?POTS and Celiac Disease. What's the Link?
    Our podcasts about research are often are the most popular, so hopefully today’s will also deliver. Today’s topic explores another often-misunderstood condition Postural Tachycardia Syndrome or (POTS) as it often called - and its possible connection to celiac disease. This is a condition that presents with a variety of symptoms… Read more »
  • Hot Topics at the 2020 Columbia Celiac SymposiumHot Topics at the 2020 Columbia Celiac Symposium
    Today we are talking about the recent Celiac Disease Symposium at the Columbia Celiac Disease Center. This biennial event hosts two forums, one scientific and one clinical, and attracts, researchers, physicians, patients, parents, and nutritionists from around the world. It’s an amazing time to come together to learn, see old… Read more »
  • Is a Gluten-Free Diet More Aspirational Than Achievable?Is a Gluten-Free Diet More Aspirational Than Achievable?
    Todays’ topic is about the recent “Doggie Bag” study published in the journal Gastroenterology, that suggests that a truly “gluten-free diet may be more aspirational than achievable.” We talk a lot about strict gluten-free diets on the podcast, but this study points out that even at our strictest, we may… Read more »
  • Narrowing the Gap in Health Education in Celiac DiseaseNarrowing the Gap in Health Education in Celiac Disease
    Education is really important when it comes to living with a chronic disease. With celiac disease, patients and their families have to keep up reading food labels, new food products, changing food products, drug development, and research. Medical providers have to stay current on new testing methods, guidelines for managing… Read more »
  • Food Bullying and Celiac DiseaseFood Bullying and Celiac Disease
    Food bullying. It can range from teasing others at school or online in social media groups, to kids throwing bread at children with celiac disease. In many cases it’s parents that are doing the bullying...But how do you address this problem? As the issue has come up numerous times in the past… Read more »
  • Gluten-Free Travel Finds with Leslie Bari of Gluten-Free Finds PAGluten-Free Travel Finds with Leslie Bari of Gluten-Free Finds PA
    Today’s topic is an always popular one. We all love to travel, it’s one of the best parts of life. But doing so is a bit more complicated while following a gluten-free lifestyle. Today we have an expert to share some of her favorite tips for gluten-free travel. Leslie Bari… Read more »
  • Social Media and Celiac. Has Facebook Become Your Doctor?Social Media and Celiac. Has Facebook Become Your Doctor?
    Most of us use social media in one way or another to connect with family, friends, and other communities that enrich our lives. But sometimes social media groups present information about medical conditions that is just wrong. It's frightening that some people might take online posts as fact instead of… Read more »
  • New Celiac Treatment Passes Phase 2 Clinical TrialNew Celiac Treatment Passes Phase 2 Clinical Trial
    Do we have a new drug for celiac disease? Results of a new phase 2 clinical trial using technology developed at Northwestern university showed that it is possible to induce immune tolerance to gluten in individuals with celiac disease. The researchers suggest that their findings may pave the way for… Read more »
  • Celiac Research - What Patients Should Do with New InformationCeliac Research - What Patients Should Do with New Information
    Today’s topic is going to follow up on the influx of research and proclamations about the future of celiac disease. How do we as patients learn how to process the relevance of research in our own lives? How do we know what is important for us? How do we understand… Read more »

Featured Episodes:

Man with arms hugging his abdomen, Digestive ache

Hot Topics at Digestive Disease Week - Episode 2

Jun 2019 24:00

There were hundreds of presentations at Digestive Disease Week and Vanessa and Sandy were there for many of them. They’ve pulled together some of their favorites and in this episode are talking about a lively debate between Dr. Edwin Liu from Colorado Children’s Hopital and Dr. Benjamin Lebwohl from Columbia University’s Celiac Disease Center about the pros and cons of mass screening for celiac disease. Additionally they dive into a study looking at the economic impact of celiac disease in regards to health care utilization, and the reliabilty of patients predicting a gluten exposure. It’s a fabulous episode!

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Prescription bottle fallen over with capsules scattered illustration

Live from Digestive Disease Week - Celiac Patients Deserve a Medication

May 2019 17:00

Vanessa and Sandy are live at Digestive Disease Week meeting with doctors, researchers and patient advocacy groups about the latest and greatest developments about celiac disease and related autoimmune conditions. In this Live from Digestive Disease Week episode they sit down with Dr. Jocelyn SIlvester from Boston Children’s Hospital to discuss a quote from Dr. Peter Green, “Patients with celiac disease deserve a medication.”  Tune in to see what they have to say about this bold statement and very hot topic!

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2 happy boys playing outdoors

Variance in Reasons for Adhering to a Gluten-Free Diet at School

May 2019 22:00

Today’s podcast hits on an important topic that comes up regularly in the media. We hear lots of news reports about people going on a gluten-free diet when they don’t need to be medically. We most often think about this as happening in adults, but a study led by a team of researchers at the Mayo Clinic now reports this is happening amongst school age children as well.

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Multiple fresh vegetables illustration

Schools and Gluten-Free Food - Navigating the System

Mar 2019 19:30

This week’s podcast is about an issue we see frequently in the Celiac Clinic at Children’s National. Getting access to safe gluten-free food in schools. For the last 10 years, our Celiac Program has worked with patients and families to set up accommodations in schools and there is a huge range in the availability and accommodations offered in the school districts local to us here in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, but also around the country. Listen in as Vanessa and Joyana discuss gluten-free food in schools and how to gain access to options for your child through setting up a 504 plan.

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Cruising the Gluten-Free Seas

Mar 2019 23:15

Today’s podcast is an exciting one. We’ve talked about gluten-free traveling before and the risks associated with it. But today we’re going to discuss an almost entirely carefree travel opportunity. Can you even imagine boarding a cruise ship where you know they are stocked up with gluten-free options?

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16 different, round, sliced fruit & vegetables on a square grid illustration

New Test to Diagnose Celiac Disease with No Gluten Challenge

Mar 2019 23:00

Today’s podcast is about advances in new ways to diagnose celiac disease. One thing we struggle a lot with is making sure that people are getting a proper celiac disease diagnosis before starting a gluten-free diet. Often times patients will go on a gluten-free diet to try it out to see if symptoms improve…they all of a sudden feel great so go to the doctor to get tested, only to learn that they can’t actually get tested for celiac unless they are eating gluten…..But a new test is hoping to change that by allowing for celiac screening while someone is on a gluten-free diet.

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Illustration of Gut for video on The Link Between the Microbiome, the Gut and the Brain

The Link Between the Microbiome, the Gut and the Brain

Jan 2019 37:33

Today’s podcast is going to shed light on the concept of the microbiome and its possible link to the brain and disorders like dementia and Parkinson’s. For years we’ve heard that our diets could possibly be linked to different diseases…but connections between our guts and our brains? How can that be?

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USING A GLUTEN SENSING DEVICE - benefits and barriers

Benefits and Barriers of Using a Gluten Sensing Device

Jan 2019 37:00

We’re certain that many of our listeners have heard the debates about the merits and downfalls of having a gluten sensing device, like Nima. Do they actually provide peace of mind or make users even more anxious? And, do they really work? We’re here today to discuss the results of a recent study that measures exactly that.

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