Assessing the Safety of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination in the Immunocompromised

March 18, 2022

In a research article published yesterday in Frontiers in Oncology, COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer and Moderna) safety was evaluated in a population of 566 immunocompromised patients including those with hematological malignancies (131), solid tumors (191), immune-rheumatological diseases (86), and neurological disease (158) including multiple sclerosis and generalized myasthenia.

Overall, the “incidence of severe adverse events after vaccine administration was generally low and <3%. Most frequent complaints were pain at the injection site (severe, 6.3%) and fatigue (severe, 4.5%) after the first dose; pain at the injection site (severe, 5.1%), fatigue (severe, 6.8%), bone pain (severe, 3.9%) and fever (severe, 6%) after the second dose.”

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