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Celiac Disease Program at Children’s National
Medical Center

The Children’s National Celiac Disease Program and the Global Autoimmune Institute have worked in partnership since 2015 to develop robust educational resources, including:

  • Monthly podcast and digital app that now each have more than 20,000 subscribers.
  • Web-based video education seminars hosted monthly, to help families with this autoimmune disease cope with the chronic condition

Furthermore, we have worked to build alliances amongst pediatric celiac disease programs across the United States and develop national recommendations for managing celiac disease at school and other learning environments. 

The Global Autoimmune Institute’s support has also helped Children’s National Hospital (CNH) to advance other innovative projects.

Annual Gluten Free
Education Day and Expo

Since 2010, this annual event brings the best of the gluten-free industry to Washington DC. The event features an exhibit hall with 60+ gluten-free food manufacturers and restaurants, a cooking stage with interactive demos and a full day of educational sessions with options for adults and kids.

Nearly 2,000 attendees leave the event filled with knowledge, jam-packed goodie bags, and many new gluten-free friends. The event is live streamed to capture a global gluten-free audience.

Gluten Free Education Day 2020 was a fun, virtual experience featuring speakers from around the United States sharing the latest research and knowledge about celiac disease and the gluten-free diet.

The Multidisciplinary Clinic for Celiac Disease at CNH

Through the synthesis of our financial support and the passionate dedication of the Celiac Group, Children’s National Hospital, and GAI, CNH established the first-of-its-kind multidisciplinary clinic for celiac disease patients. 

The clinic brings together a gastroenterologist, neurologist, psychologist, nutritionist, and educational specialist to thoroughly diagnose and treat coexisting autoimmune diseases and neurological and psychological disorders, as well as to teach the patients and their families about proper nutrition and the many important aspects of living a gluten free life.

Other Developments

The Celiac Group of CNH, with the long-time participation of GAI’s Executive Director, Sandy Boek Werness, has created alliances with twelve other major children’s hospitals in the U.S. They are working together on projects such as a survey on compliance with the gluten free diet, and creating standards for use of gluten in the classroom.