What We Do

GAI is wrapping its arms around the needs of those who suffer from autoimmune disease (AD), because more action and support is critical. We need to make progress now.

1.  Scientific Research

We are increasing knowledge and scientific progress in AD. We are a moving force in propelling collaboration and awareness in science and medicine.

2. Community Support

Autoimmune Aware support groups are designed to give those who suffer from chronic conditions – often mysterious or undiagnosed – helpful, accurate information and emotional support, to assist in their journey to good health. We are developing a national model and organizing our first group in San Diego, California.

3. Articles and Information

We are providing easy access to important articles impacting diagnosis and treatment on our website, as well as highlighting important discoveries in AD. We strive to provide the most accurate information available about food, nutrition, and therapies as it develops.

4. Real Data

We are funding studies to answer fundamental questions, such as how many people suffer from AD, what ADs are seen together, and what are symptoms that point to AD and which ones. Information on some ADs is much less available than others, and we are on our way to help change that. 

5. Focus on Celiac Disease

We are continuing our work in partnership with the Celiac Group of Children’s National Medical Center (CNMC) in Washington, D.C., which began in 2015.

Our support includes making possible the establishment of a CNMC Multidisciplinary Clinic for celiac disease patients, the most comprehensive approach ever developed before. This serves as a national standard of the highest care for celiac disease patients and is becoming a referral clinic.

We co-produce podcasts, videos, and programs in celiac disease and associated ADs and neurological disorders.

We partner to hold an annual Gluten Free Education Day and Expo in the D.C. Metropolitan area. This event has proved wildly popular, and is spearheaded by the very talented Executive Director of the Celiac Program at CNMC, Vanessa Weisbrod. 

6. Raising Awareness

Through all of our various initiatives, we are raising awareness of AD and its extremely important impact on the lives of so many.

7. Events

In the fall of 2020 we will hold a symposium in Washington, D.C., bringing together expert physicians and scientists in autoimmune neurological disorders. Planning is in progress – stay tuned!