What We Do

The Global Autoimmune Institute is empowering solutions in the diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune disease (AD) through research, education, and awareness, while supporting multidisciplinary approaches to health.

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Scientific Investigations

We are increasing knowledge and progress in AD through the funding of scientific investigations. We are a moving force in propelling collaboration and awareness in science and medicine.


Trusted Source of Information

Our website offers well-researched and thoughtful articles on the science of disease and daily management of health conditions. We strive to provide a balanced approach and accurate information about nutrition, therapies, the human microbiome, specific autoimmune disorders, and environmental health as it develops. In response to the pandemic, we created an ongoing COVID-19 timeline with news and research updates. 


We are compiling ongoing lists of resources for individuals living with autoimmune disease and other chronic illnesses. Our Autoimmune Organizations page lists specific disease organizations as well as groups focused on holistic approaches to health. On our Medical Institutions page, we’ve gathered a collection of hospitals, medical centers, and clinics across the U.S. that specialize in various ADs. Other resources include lists of books, apps, podcasts, and other tools to help manage life with a chronic illness.

The Autoimmune & Chronic Illness Toolkit is our most in-depth resource, created for individuals who may be searching for a diagnosis and treatment, or who are feeling stuck in their health journey. This 60-page guide includes journal templates, resource lists, guidance for doctor appointments, tips on communication, and many more tools to support and empower people.

Focus on Celiac Disease

The Global Autoimmune Institute is continuing our work in partnership with the Celiac Program at Children’s National Hospital (CNH) in Washington, D.C., which began in 2015.

Our support includes making possible the establishment of a Multidisciplinary Celiac Disease Clinic for celiac disease patients, the most comprehensive approach ever developed before. This serves as a national standard of the highest care for celiac disease patients and is becoming a referral clinic.

We co-produce podcasts, cooking videos, expert talks on celiac disease, and programs in celiac disease and associated ADs and neurological disorders.

We partner to hold an annual Gluten Free Education Day and Expo in the D.C. Metropolitan area. This event has proved wildly popular, and is spearheaded by the very talented Executive Director of the Celiac Program at CNH, Vanessa Weisbrod.


In the near future, we plan to hold a symposium in Washington, D.C., bringing together expert physicians and scientists in autoimmune neurological disorders. Stay tuned for details!


Support Group

Our Autoimmune Aware Support Group provides those who live with autoimmune disease and chronic conditions – often mysterious or undiagnosed – a safe space for emotional support and guidance, assisting in their journey to better health. We organize monthly, virtual meetings open to anyone, anywhere!

Social Media

We are bringing people together through our informative Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter platforms. Frequent educational and compassionate posts help raise awareness of autoimmune disease and related conditions, as well as inform and connect individuals and organizations across the globe.